Our parent team at Pentaprism is a leading corporate photography team based in Singapore with a vision to let your brand have a better image, literally. That starts usually by beginning with your people - which often sets the tone for your clients to be greeted with a personable impression.


As we move on to your spaces - modern hallways, busy facilities and tempting pantries -  we get your customers knowing you before they step through your doors.


Down our journey as photographers, our cameras have taken a good many personalities. We've sampled great food and wine during shoots, captured beautiful cityscapes and even managed to photograph a gin bottle or two. Whatever the challenge, it's great we have lived to tell these amazing tales through our visual produce.


We'd love to shoot your CEO in the Himalayas one day... but until then, we've gotta be content with creating incredible pictures in your offices or shoot that product you'd need the world to see. Visit our official website and get started on your next photography project with us!