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Portrait Gallery

Welcome to my Portrait Gallery - collections of my favourite images from my years photographing beautiful people from around the world. Within, you will discover four different class of portraits - Professional branding, Expressive lifestyle, Bridal and engagement sessions as well as photographs for families - all photographed in a style that I have come to develop over a decade living the craft. I hope some of these images might inspire you, just as they have motivated me to live my dreams.

The world is evolving and everyone from professionals to entrepreneurs alike requires a better presence, a finer image, a brand of their own. You'll find no better time to place your best front forward because a well-tailored portrait speaks volumes without words, and creates avenues for whom you want to be.

If there's something we all wish to hold on to but never will... it's Time. Let a simple session turn into memories that you can see, treasure and keep even as time doesn't stand still. I invite you then, to a personal session with me to create images that are sincerely beautiful. You will never look at yourself quite the same way again - a different light of you -  and a side you might never have known...

New to my fine art offerings, I accept commissions for bridal portraits in my signature fine art and editorial style - preferring to light softly, enhancing every subtle expression that find its way into my captures. The time I take to critically retouch every image means you are only left with the finest  gallery worthy prints that I am proud to create with you.

In Life, there's love, marriage and then there's family. It's a celebration of being together with those we love and those we will always want to remember. Join me on a personal session to create portraits that will always have a place in your home because indeed, these are the photographs that truly matter.

My team of photographers at Pentaprism are some of the finest commercial portraitist in Singapore. Together, we have supported some of the finest corporations including Intel, Diageo, Volvo, NEC, Marriot  and other acclaimed brands in creating portraits for their businesses. View our commercial works at our parent site -

Traveling is the only way to see past what I've got, what I've taken for granted and what the bigger picture is. It's a multi sensory world out there, and experiences can hardly be contained within photos that I take, but at the very least, they bring back memories which I'd rather not forget. I hope these photos can inspire everyone to travel more and see this incredible world.

Creating Finer Portraits