As a professional photographer, my works are mostly recognized and commissioned for private or commercial purposes. However, I believe to live the life of a true photographer, we have to learn to share our vision, inspire others and give to back to a worthy cause so that others might continue to do the same. No other subject matter touches me as much as wildlife and people living in co-existence and it is with this that I started my journey since 2008 to photograph the Maasai and the wildlife that shares their lands in which they live - the lands they call the Mara.


In 2017, I traveled back to the Mara in what is my most humbling experience till date. With the help of good friends and a passionate team, I sought to document the Maasai people in a way I would back at home - in a make-do studio within a tiny mud hut - that allowed me to truly connect with every individual despite not speaking their language. The results were truly beautiful - no so much for it's technicality, but because it made me truly appreciate my life, my work, and how much I have taken this life for granted.


I continued my Mara journey documenting portraits of the wildlife that share those lands because it's been a cause I have believed in and want to champion since I was a child. Just like any human race and culture, I believe every species deserves to be recognized as a building block of this incredible world we live in - and it is down to the sharing and educating of wildlife that people will continue to understand, accept and one day protect them knowing they were meant to share this planet with us.



What you see is a small collection from my time in the Mara. If you share a similar vision and would like to share my work or exhibit them in any scale, I will be happy to work together with non-profit orgnisations for the purpose of sharing our common vision. For collaborations, please reach out to me personally through our contact page.