The Portraits of Ejun Low

Singapore Contemporary Portrait Photographer

I photograph people for a living and while many find success in fame and riches - a photographer's triumph is extracting beauty in everything we see. The cycle is endless and hence, so is the passion.


My story getting where I am today isn't glamorous. I had a great run founding and running a successful design and branding business which after a decade, finally decided it's time to call it quits. Life's too short to not pursue our dreams and I could find no other calling - then to create, share and inspire others with the images I create.


Now, I run a smaller operation. An incredible team of photographers join me to put our love for this craft to better use. We photograph people mostly, and find joy in learning about life through other people's stories, their success and their triumphs. And in this exchange of experiences, I discovered that being a portrait photographer is without a doubt - truly worthy of my life time commitment.

Works and Style

A photographer is defined by his style

"I photograph contemporary cinematic and editorial-styled portraits for everyday people, mostly for work,  but often for memories. There's so much satisfaction in showcasing every individual client and knowing I'm chosen to photograph them despite what I charge.


I cater most of my portrait work to expatriates and a discerning group of local professionals who value my understated approach to photography. And while many of them are well recognized or distinguished in their fields, it is often by virtue of their humble personalities - not their status - that makes them an absolute ease to work with. Aside from professional headshots, I've had the pleasure to photograph beautiful people looking to create their own visual memoirs and the occasional family or wedding couple that decides it's time create a timeless piece of art.


On style, I've always been inspired by film and fine art and these are very apparent in much of my work. Most clients commission me knowing I would throw in something special that deserves a place on their wall and not on their resumes. I think this is what keeps me challenged - letting personality surface into sincere expressions I can capture.


My portraits have the privilege of being internationally recognized, and it is with pleasure that I bring those same set of skills and knowledge to photographing every new guest at the studio. I live in Singapore and now manage a team of incredible photographers. We work locally and around the world, and photograph only to see and be inspired by that bigger world beyond.


You are very welcome to visit my travel blog - ejunlow.com/blog - to relive some of my humbling experiences -  It's a very big picture out there."




Professional Portrait Photographer Ejun Low and Pentaprism Group


EjunLow, Ejun Low Photography and Portraitus are brands under Pentaprism Group Pte Ltd.


From it's inception, Professional Photography Studio Ejun Low Photography has been a sought-after portrait photography studio in Singapore due to our limited schedules and focus on creating the most impressionable portraits for our clients. As an international award-winning portraitist, our clients trusts Ejun and his photographers to deliver more than just pictures but photographs that instills confidence and induces engagement.


Commercial Photography at Pentaprism Photography


Singapore Commercial Photography Studio Pentaprism Photography is managed by Ejun Low to bring our photographic expertise to corporate and commercial clients. With services including Portraits on location, Facilities and Contextual photography, Fashion and Beauty Photography as well as Food and Interior photography, we are a team of Professional Photographers in Singapore who offers more synergy with our reliable studio management team and latest professional hardware and softwares facilities.


Mastering Portraits Workshops for professional photographers


As an avid portrait instructor, Professional Photographer Ejun Low conducts workshops and classes locally and overseas and was a guest instructor for portraiture at Canon's imaging academy in Singapore. His techniques in the studio coupled with his detailed post production work flow continues to bring in amateur and professional students who wants to bring their portraits to the next level.


Ejun Low Travel Blog


Ejun's travel blog is a documentary of his leisure travels to different parts of the world, from the Masai Mara to the ancient cities of Asia. His blog focuses on local activities and culture and is Ejun's way of keeping his memories and experiences alive.  Visit his blog on www.ejunlowblog.com

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